– Advanced File Sharing Tutorials & Sales

File Sharing Guides_Home_Filesharing_Guides_-_2014-03-23_13.23.50 is a fairly basic blog/guide based website focused on technical tutorials for advanced file sharing services such as Usenet automation with programs like NZBDrone and the usage of VPNs and Seedboxes.

The site uses a basic magazine style blog template, and quite admittedly, doesn’t have a ton of customizations under the hood. The theme I used for this site was already basicly perfect and I am mostly focusing on content creation and perfecting my SEO abilities.

Site Features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Heavy content based focus
  • Eventual plan to link in Usenet and Seedbox affiliate plans if I get enough traffic – Free Wallpaper Site

Digital_Freeloader_(Wallpaper)_All_Free_Desktop_Wallpapers!_-_2014-04-04_19.30.07 is a continuation of my “Digital Freeloader” brand in which my end goal was to create a number of different themed image-focused sites. However, the site receives fairly low traffic and the project will likely not be pushed.

Although the design/look of this site is mostly credited to theme developers I did quite a bit of back end modifications to simplify content creation and maintenance. The theme itself would require a person to load each image 1 by 1, creating a portfolio page and attaching the image to it and configuring the appropriate settings. I got into some heavy scripting here and made it so that I can just name and categorize the images and then upload them in bulk. The portfolios get created automatically and a settings template gets applied across the board.

The site also features a time release mechanism created by me which lets me upload a few hundred images and have them release over the course of a few months, to help drive SEO scores for new content vs old content.

Site Features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Heavily scripted automations for content creation
  • Scripted release of “articles” to website over time – Free & Sales Game/Music/eBook Tracker

Digital_Freeloader_Latest_Game_Sales_and_Free_to_Play_Titles_For_Gamers_on_a_Budget_-_2014-04-04_19.29.17 is a website dedicated to tracking free and sales media content. There are sub sections for Gaming, Books and Music. This site is primarily my experimentation with dynamic feed driven content, in which the website is constantly scanning sources for new free release media and game sales and updating the website with the information.

Other Site Features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • RSS driven content / auto-blogging to alert users of sales quickly
  • Twitter auto post feature to relay sales to Twitter feed