– Open Source / Free Services Blog is the second WordPress site I have developed and is part of an ongoing series of sites built for professional development purposes. While the site was mostly built for skills development, it is also my first attempt at building a serious, content driven and community enriched site. My goals are to learn and sharpen my SEO skills and learn how to generate organic traffic.

This site was built from WooThemes “Freemium” theme Swatch. The site however has gone under some serious refactoring, and has been rebuiltĀ from the ground up on the Bootstrap framework into a 100% responsive design (the site adjusts its layout to fit your phone or tablet).

Other Site Features:

  • Social Network single sign-on for Forum and Comments
  • bbPress forum integration
  • Re-skinned wordpress login/registration/etc pages
  • Fully responsive design with max at 1200 wide instead of typical 960