Web Server

kstudio_logo_onlykrimsonstudios.com is currently running on a home built web server.

Wanting to avoid monthly operating costs, and as a challenge to myself, I set out to create a free (or as cheap as possible) web hosting solution for my fairly low traffic sites. I ended up using a re-purposed netbook which was collecting dust on a shelf (low energy consumption!), and installing a full set of free / open-source server software. My only operating cost is for my domain name registration which includes with it a free Dynamic DNS tool allowing my server to run from behind my ADSL based internet connection.


  • EEEPC 1005PE Netbook (N450 Atom Core)


  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 (LTS)
  • Apache / MySQL / PHP (Latest)
  • ZPanel 10.0.2
  • WebMin 1.620
  • WordPress

Web Server

krimsonstudios.com Web Server